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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Addictions and Substance Abuse Education and Treatment Endowment Fund
Adult Re-Education Scholarship Fund
Agape East Operating Endowment Fund
Agricultural Heritage Endowment Fund
AgrIInstitute Endowment Fund
Amy L. McKee-Everett Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Aneta Stewart Charitable Endowment Fund
Animal Welfare Fund of Hancock County
Ann Waitt Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Arc of Hancock County, Inc. Endowment Fund
Armstrong-Maple Family Endowment Fund
Arts and Culture Fund
Ashlee Brooke Spangler Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Audrey A. Ortel Charitable Endowment
Beckenholdt Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
Benjamin Culver Scholarship Endowment Fund
Bill and Wilma Wickliff and Jerry and Linda Petty 4-H Livestock Award Endowment Fund
Bob Tracy Business Scholarship Endowment Fund
Bona de Frateri Fund
Boys and Girls Club of Hancock County, Inc. Endowment Fund
Bradley United Methodist Church Endowment Trust Fund
Brandon Couch 4-H Beef Project Scholarship Endowment Fund
Brandon Couch Perseverance and Leadership Award
Brewer-Culley VFW Post 2693 Scholarship
Brody Strong - A Charitable Fund in Memory of Brody Stephens
Bruce and Linda Muegge Family Fund
Bruce McKinney Memorial Scholarship Fund
Building a Brighter McCordsville
Captain Glenn Blaisdell, USMC-Naval Aviator Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Cargold Scholarship Endowment Fund
Carline Day Scholarship Endowment Fund
Carolyn Johnson Scholarship for Tomorrow's Teacher
Central Indiana Land Trust Endowment Fund
Charles and Marianne Pasco Memorial Endowment Fund
Charles K. Wright Scholarship Endowment Fund
Chris Sullivan Memorial Music Booster Scholarship Endowment Fund
Christian and June Gries Charitable Fund
Christina Kellermeier Memorial Endowment Fund
Christine Dowling Scholarship Endowment Fund
Christine Schaefer Theatre Scholarship Endowment
Clean and Green Endowment Fund
Community Calendar Fund
Community Church Planting Endowment Fund
Connecting Community Fund
Covance Memorial Scholarship Fund
Curry Family Imagination Library Fund established by Bert and Irene Curry
Curry/Walrod Family Memorial Endowment Fund
Daisy Dimond Charitable Endowment Fund
David Lodwick Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Debra L. Plank Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dennis C. and Evelyn C. Chapman Family Fund
Dett and Sue Dettwiler Community Development Fund
Donald F. and Lois M. Hanson Family Endowment Fund
Donald J. and Margaret E. Hatke Clean Water and Sanitation Endowment Fund
Don and Marcy Hoffman Family Community Development Fund
Donna Duzan Nursing Scholarship Endowment Fund
Doris A. Bond Charitable Remainder Trust
Doug and Sharon True Community Development Fund
Dr. Benny J. and Brenda W. Eaton Community Development Fund
Dr. Brian and Charlotte Kirkwood Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dr. Charles E. and Betty J. Jordan Community Development Fund
Dr. Donald and Kenene Weymouth Family Community Development Fund
Dr. Linda Gellert Scholarship Endowment Fund
Dr. Michael Day Charitable Fund
Dr. Reinhard L. and Marlise Bubenzer Charitable Endowment Fund
Dr. Reinhard L. and Marlise Bubenzer Community Development Endowment Fund
Earl J. Brooks and Irene B. Brooks Scholarship Endowment Fund
Eastern Hancock Education Foundation Endowment Fund
Eastern Hancock Education Foundation Non-Permanent Fund
Edward F. Szymanski Endowment Fund
Edward W. and Bessie M. Ortel Memorial Endowment Fund
Elbert and Flo Griffith Library Endowment Fund
Esther Barnhart Cook Scholarship Endowment Fund
Eugene R. and Jean M. Bardonner Charitable Endowment Fund
Evelyn Thompson Honorary Scholarship Endowment Fund
Feed Just One
Florence M. Lacy Scholarship Endowment Fund
Fortville-Vernon Township Library Endowment Fund
Fountaintown Gas Company, Inc. Scholarship Endowment Fund
Fred and Becky Powers PGSCJ Family Community Development Fund
FUSE (Families United for Support and Encouragement) Endowment Fund
Gamble Family Charitable Endowment Fund
G-CHS Academic Achievement Endowment Fund
Generations of Generosity
George and Dortha Shelby Community Development Fund
George and Icy Vaughn Performing Arts Endowment Fund
George H. Kleiman, Sr. and Hilda E. Kleiman Charitable Endowment Fund
George L. and Martha B. Birch Legacy Endowment Fund
Gladys Hancock Shumway Scholarship Endowment Fund
Glen Cove Cemetery Endowment Fund
Gloria Shamblin Legacy Gift
Greenfield Central School Foundation, Inc.
Greenfield in Bloom
Greenfield Kiwanis Dr. William Griffing Scholarship
Greenfield Kiwanis J. B. Stephens Scholarship
Greenfield Kiwanis Robert Eagleston Scholarship
Greenfield Lions Club Endowment Fund
Greenfield Parks, Recreation and Senior Citizens Endowment Fund
Greenfield Revitalization Inc. Banner Fund
Greenfield Rotary Scholarship Endowment Fund
Greenfield Sertoma Club Service to Mankind Community Development Fund
Greg, Mary, Austin & Emily Gibble Community Development Fund
Haeberle Family Foundation
Hammons Family Community Development Fund
Hancock Co. Children's Choir Operating Endowment Fund
Hancock County 4-H Agricultural Association, Inc. Endowment Fund
Hancock County COAD Community Project Fund
Hancock County Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Hancock County Community Foundation Scholarship Endowment Fund
Hancock County Enrichment Fund
Hancock County Extension Homemakers Endowment Fund
Hancock County Food Pantry Endowment Fund
Hancock County Friends of the Family Endowment Fund
Hancock County Historical Society Endowment Fund
Hancock County Mural Fund
Hancock County Once Upon a Prom Fund
Hancock County Public Library Endowment Fund
Hancock County Senior Services Handyman Endowment Fund
Hancock County Senior Services, Inc. Endowment Fund
Hancock County Shrine Club Endowment Fund
Hancock County Veterans' Park Endowment Fund
Hancock Hope House Endowment Fund
Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation Designated Endowment Fund
Hancock Regional Hospital Foundation Legacy Fund
Hazel Sitton Woost Scholarship Endowment Fund
HCCF Operating Fund
Health and Heritage Region Endowment Fund
Health and Heritage Region Pass-Through Fund
Heart for Hancock, A Community Relief Fund
Helen Roath Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Hensley-Warwick Scholarship
Howard B. and Linnea A. Green Charitable Endowment Fund
Hugh and Barbara Leary Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Humanitarian Endowment Fund
Imagination Library of Hancock County
Irene and Bert Curry Operational Endowment Fund
Jacob Schramm Nature Preserve
James and Margaret Richardson Scholarship Endowment Fund
James Whitcomb Riley Festival Scholarship Endowment Fund
Jane Ross Reeves Octagon House Operating Endowment
Jeanne H. Tracy Meddock Endowment Fund for Hancock County Children’s Choir
Jeanne H. Tracy Meddock Fund for Music Opportunities
Jeremiah and Tabbatha Zapf Memorial 4-H Scholarship Endowment Fund
JG3-Jim, Jakala, and "Jake" Greig Community Development Fund
Jim and Pat Dunlavy Community Development Fund
Jim Andrews Scholarship Endowment Fund
John and Linda Zimmerman Community Development Fund
John C. Beeson Humanitarian Endowment Fund
John H. and Wilda V. Glick Endowment Fund
Joseph A. Smith and Vicki S. Smith Endowment Fund
Judy and Howard Jones Scholarship Endowment Fund
Judy D. Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund
Karen and Bob Tarver Community Development Fund
Keith and Ann Elsbury Purdue University Scholarship Endowment Fund
Keith and Joanne McClarnon Regreening Endowment Fund
Kenneth Butler Memorial Soup Kitchen Operating Endowment Fund
Kenny & Wilma Phares Community Development Fund
Kevin Storm Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Kristofor J. Hammond Scholarship Endowment Fund
Kuker Family Community Development Fund in honor of Jordan
Leaders in Navigating Knowledge Operating Endowment
Lee and Bessie S. Blazer Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Lee and Gretchen Hanna Charitable Endowment
LeeAnn Dolick-Cox Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Legacy Properties of Hancock County Community Foundation Operating Endowment Fund
Legacy Properties Operating Fund
Leon and Minnie Lou Wilson Charitable Endowment Fund
Lewis and Louise Spilker Memorial Education Scholarship Endowment Fund
Lewis F. Strahl Charitable Endowment Fund
Lewis F. Strahl Farm Legacy Properties Operating Fund
Lewis F. Strahl Scholarship Endowment Fund
Life Choices Care Center Endowment Fund
Lifelong Learning Endowment Fund
Lillian Thomas Hull and Charles M. Hull Fine Arts Scholarship Endowment Fund
Love INC of Greater Hancock County Endowment Fund
Margaret Johnson Honorary Scholarship Endowment Fund
Marjorie A. Morelock and Donald H. Morelock Endowment Fund
Mark and Ann Vail Community Development Fund
Mark Mattick Mental Attitude Award Endowment Fund
Martha Beckenholdt Charitable Endowment Fund
Mary Ash Scott Bardonner Bardes Scholarship Endowment Fund
Mary E. Carmichael Fund for the Future of Agriculture
Matthew A. Folkening Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Maxwell United Methodist Memorial Scholarship Fund of Hancock County
Mayor Richard J. Pasco Youth Citizenship Endowment Fund
Meals on Wheels of Hancock County Operating Endowment Fund
Medical Professionals' Legacy Community Development Fund
Mental Health Partners of Hancock County Operating Endowment
Mervin K. Holzhausen Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Michael and Susan Broome Community Development Fund in honor of Mitch, Molly, Narcissa, and Camille Broome
Mike Johnson Memorial Scholarship Endowment Fund
Mildred Hawkins Wilfong Scholarship Endowment Fund
Miles and Denise Hercamp Scholarship Fund
Monica A. Kucan Memorial Endowment Fund
Monte and Tina Gruell Community Development Fund
Mrs. Marilyn Day Charitable Endowment Fund
Mt. Vernon Education Foundation Endowment Fund
MVCSC Elementary School Education Endowment Fund
Nameless Creek Youth Camp, Inc. Endowment Fund
Nancy King Charitable Endowment Fund
Nancy King "Dare To Dream" Adult Scholarship Endowment Fund in Honor of the Greenfield Kiwanis Club
Nancy King "Give Back To Your Community" Endowment Fund
Nancy Terrell Miller Scholarship Endowment Fund
Naomi Ann Smith "Teaching with Love" Scholarship Endowment Fund
NineStar Connect Ray of Light Fund
Nolan "Skip" Kuker Award for Community Enrichment Scholarship
Norman and Anne Elsbury Community Development Fund in honor of Jerry and Erin Elsbury Lowder
Norman and Anne Elsbury Community Development Fund in honor of Kathy Elsbury Hall
Norman and Anne Elsbury Community Development Fund in honor of Kenny and Lori Elsbury
Ora V. Callahan Family 4-H Award Pass-Through Fund
Ora V. Callahan Family Scholarship Endowment Fund
Patricia Orr Allemeier Memorial Nursing Scholarship Endowment
Pearson and Jeannine Miller Community Development Fund
Philip R. Hollenbaugh Photography Endowment Fund
Phyllis Wright Scholarship Endowment Fund
P. Jon and Deb Miller Community Development Fund in honor of Pearson & Jeannine Miller and Lawrence & Verda Johnson
Polizotto Family Operating Endowment Fund
Powers Gibson Seib Carpenter Joint Family Fund
Prevent Child Abuse Endowment Fund
Pritzke Family Community Development Fund
Pritzke Family Endowment
Psi Iota Xi - Upsilon Chapter Operating Endowment Fund
Purdue Club of Hancock County Purdue Promise Program Endowment Fund
Purrfect Partners Charitable Endowment Fund
Ralph W. Myerholtz, Jr. and Lois C. Myerholtz Charitable Endowment Fund
Richard and Judith E. White Memorial Non-Traditional Scholarship
Richard and Judith E. White Memorial Traditional Scholarship
Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard L. Dunlavy and Ruth E. Proffer Dunlavy Charitable Endowment Fund
Rick P. and Susan J. Edwards Community Development Fund
Riley Family Endowment Fund
Robert and Sue Wortman Family Fund
Robert D. and Norine G. Willits Community Development Fund
Robert G. and Wilma Jean Edwards Memorial Community Development Fund
Robert G. Dugger Endowment Fund
Robert H. Glenn Endowment Fund
Robert W. and Vera S. Maxwell Fund for Hospice Care Endowment
Robert W. and Vera S. Maxwell Scholarship Endowment Fund
Roger D. and Beverly J. Reason Charitable Endowment
Rollin J., Donna, and Amelia Cossey Community Enrichment Endowment Fund
Ron and Nancy Dezelan Community Development Endowment Fund
Ron Horning Scholarship Endowment Fund
Rotary Club of Greenfield Education Endowment Fund
Russell V. and Lillian N. Birch Endowment Fund
Sandy and Bernie Miller Community Development Fund
Sandy and Bernie Miller Literacy Fund in honor of Mason, Coleman, and Carson
Scholarship in Honor of Martha Hawk and Family of Women who Followed Her Example of Service
Scholarship in Honor of Service and Sacrifice
Scott Family Agricultural Scholarship Endowment Fund
Seevers/Kleiman Community Development Fund
Shannon-Lyon Elementary Education Scholarship Endowment Fund
Shares, Inc. Hancock County Operating Endowment Fund
Sharon Yates Community Development Fund
Sharon Yates Endowment Fund for the Care of Animals
Southern Hancock Education Foundation
Steven L. Butterfield Endowment Fund
Steve Utt Scholarship Endowment Fund
Stilwell Music Endowment Fund
Strong Families and Youth Fund
Sugar Creek Parks Department Endowment Fund
Talitha Koum Women's Recovery House Endowment Fund
Tarver Family Early Childhood Literacy Fund
Terry and Linda Gellert Community Development Fund
Thomas N. and Carol L. Seng Community Development Fund
Thomas W. and Carole H. Bloodgood Community Development Fund
Thornwood Preserve Endowment Fund
Timothy G. and Kim N. Clark Community Development Fund
Todd Lewis Gift of Life Memorial Scholarship
Tyler Girton Charitable Endowment Fund
Valeda M. Foust Charitable Endowment Fund
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6904 Pendleton Heights Scholarship Endowment Fund
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6904 Scholarship Endowment Fund
Viva Pressler Scholarship Endowment Fund
Walker Cancer Survivors Endowment Fund
Walter and Dorothy Helfenberger Charitable Endowment Fund
Walter P. and Virginia Worland Scholarship Endowment Fund
Walter W. Mitten Family Endowment Fund
Wanda Smith Memorial Scholarship
Wayne and Sally Beck Community Development Fund
W. Dale and Eva C. Miller Community Development Fund
W. Dale and Eva C. Miller Family Fund
We Before Me Scholarship in Honor of Matt English
W. H. and Lola Reason Endowment for Patriotism Fund
White Family Foundation
Wickliff Athletic Sportsmanship Award in memory of Bill and Wilma Wickliff
Wilfong Family Scholarship Fund
William G. Longworth Community Development Fund
William Harold and Mary Katherine Kingery Charitable Endowment Fund
William Harold and Mary Katherine Kingery Friends of Domestic Animals End. Fund
William W. Weil Good Citizen Scholarship Fund-Non-Traditional
William W. Weil Good Citizen Scholarship-Traditional Student
William W. Weil Literacy Fund for Children
Will Vawter Statue Campaign Fund
Women's Fund of Hancock County
Wortman Family Donor-Advised Endowment Fund
Wortman Family Literacy Fund for Hancock County Children
Wortman-Lowe Enduring Freedom Marine Corps League Detachment Scholarship Fund
Zach Lett Running for Excellence Scholarship Endowment Fund
Zion Elementary Alumni League